Watch This Dancing Grandpa Do A ‘Shuffle Moonwalk’ With His Grandkids!

by Melissa CastellanosPublished Mar 2, 2018

The saying “age is just a number” couldn’t be truer in the case of one dancing Grandpa who busts a move with his two adorable granddaughters in the middle of a busy square. He even effortlessly pulls of a fast-paced, shuffle moonwalk as if he was channeling the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson! Onlookers were so impressed with this active, energetic and limber elderly man who didn’t miss a beat!

It’s amazing to watch this happy, dancing Grandpa seamlessly keeping up with his little granddaughters who bop around in red dresses and pigtails, showing off their fancy footwork! The trio is absolutely adorable as they dance in unison to the upbeat, modern song. Watch just how fluid and fun this dancing Grandpa is, he’ll make want to shuffle moonwalk along with him!


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