Watch These Soulful New Orleans Street Musicians ‘Bring It On Home!’

Music by Melissa Castellanos on May 17, 2017

If you’re visiting the French Quarters in New Orleans, then chances are you’ll find yourself walking along Royal Street and if you’re lucky, you’ll hear the soulful sounds and great sense of humor from the stellar musical duo, Grandpa Elliot and Stony B.  In a video clip, the talented duo performs amazing renditions of “Bring It On Home to Me” and “Backdoor Man,” as tourists and locals gather on the street to hear them play.

Chicago native, Stony B is a band leader, guitar player and singer who was raised on the blues – and it shows through his passion and enthusiasm for the genre. Grandpa Elliot is a persona created by Stoney B who’s played perfectly by Louisiana native, singer and harmonica player, Elliot Small. Their collaboration “came naturally and it was like magic” – and their fans agree. “These guy’s timing is FLAWLESS. Effortless cooperation.,” said a fan on YouTube.

Source: YouTube
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