Watch One of the ‘World’s Most Famous Street Performers’ Stun at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Music by Melissa Castellanos on May 18, 2017

If classical guitarist Tom Ward’s guitar could only talk! It would probably have the most amazing tales to tell from around the world and back – including a pit stop at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, where Ward’s playing mesmerized the crowd! Ward may have an old, beat up guitar with many miles on it, but boy does it make the most beautiful sounds! The Tasmanian born musician is considered “one of the world’s most famous street performers” and when you hear him play, you’ll understand why!

Ward’s style has hints from the past and the present. He as shared his gift with audiences in Japan, Thailand, Italy, UK, Germany, France, Australia and China. He’s a solo performer and an accompanist with stellar symphony orchestras and renown conductors. Ward has also shared the stage with Tommy Emmanuel, The Buena Vista Social Club and Jason Mraz.

Source: YouTube

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