Watch 12-Year-Old Busker Sing Ed Sheeran’s Song Better Than The Grammy-Winner

Music by Lucille Barilla on August 12, 2017

Twelve-year-old Allie Sherlock has been busking on the streets of Ireland’s Grafton Street as a hobby for some time. She’s covered many different artists as she sings and plays guitar for the passerby, but it’s her version of an Ed Sheeran tune that many say is better than the original!

Sherlock covered “Supermarket Flowers,” a heartbreaking tune on Sheeran’s latest album “Divide ÷.” Sheeran wrote the tune from the point of view of his mother during a time when she grieved the loss of her own mom. He wanted to honor his grandmother’s memory by including it on the album.

Sherlock’s young voice makes the lyrics seem even more poignant. Said the teen of her newfound celebrity, “I want to keep practicing all the time and singing, and so it’s like a hobby, really. Maybe I’ll do weddings. I’d like to see what happens in the future before deciding anything.”


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