Video Of Deleted “Titanic” Scene Resurfaces And Everyone Loves This Ending Over The Original

by Chanel AdamsPublished Nov 14, 2017

Titanic is one of the highest-grossing films. It earned $2,186.8 billion worldwide since its 1997 release. It’s a cinematic masterpiece that produced a beautiful love story, an iconic song, and several classic lines. If you own the DVD or Blu-ray version, you may have seen one of the many deleted scenes from the film.

There are quite a few, but one scene, in particular, stands out among fans. The extended Carpathia sequence occurs after Rose arrives at Carpathia and before Cal checks to see if she made it alive. Some fans have wondered why this extended scene wasn’t even included in the original movie.

The movie is already emotional, but this scene would’ve made it more difficult to watch. Just watching the scene where the crewman assist Rose as she goes onto the Carpathia is intense. You can tell how tired she is. The music adds an emotional touch to the scene. It also includes appearances from Cal’s adopted daughter and Rose’s mom.


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