Video Emerges Of Demi Moore Passionately Kissing A 15-Year-Old Boy

by Chanel AdamsPublished Nov 14, 2017

Hollywood has been at the forefront of news with the non-stop stories about sexual assault and workplace misconduct. Many have since spoken out about celebrities and producers who abuse their power. A video of Demi Moore kissing an underage boy has resurfaced on the internet and has made headlines once again.

According to the MailOnline, the video aired back in 1982 when Moore was 19 and celebrated the 15th birthday of her General Hospital co-star Philip Tanzini. The video has circulated over the years but has been brushed under the rug. The video shows Moore giving Tanzini a kiss on the mouth on three separate occasions.

She even professed her love for the young actor and jokingly tells the room she’s going to marry him. People have since found the video “disturbing” to watch in light of the recent sexual assault allegations. Moore has gone on to have a successful career in acting while Tanzini has only provided voiceover work for television shows and commercials.


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