Unassuming Trio Wows With Fierce A Cappella Onstage And Go Viral With “One Less Problem.”

by Melissa CastellanosPublished Feb 12, 2018

We all wish we had one less problem to solve like in superstar Ariana Grande’s hit song, “One Less Problem.” In the case of three unassuming aspiring singers who tried out for “America’s Got Talent,” they had no problems wowing the crowd whatsoever!

With their A Cappella skills and confidence, the talented trio shocked the judges and the crowd with their powerful vocal pipes and stage presence. Who are these impressive guys? They are called “Triple Threat,” and they are from a small town in Arkansas!

Given that the song celebrates the end of a bad relationship with “one less problem to solve,” if there ever was anyone who didn’t do right by one of these talented boys, they must feel pretty stupid! These talented guys have a bright future ahead of them!


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