Three ‘Rickety’ Old Men Inch Their Way To The Stage, Then Funky Beat Starts And They Really Get Loose!

by Melissa CastellanosPublished Mar 2, 2018

The audience wasn’t sure what to expect when three grinning senior men poked their heads out from behind the curtain from side-stage. The famous “Star Wars” theme song begins to play as they slowly make their way onto the stage holding their “aching” backs.

The comical trio dons matching white T-shirts, black pants, white socks and shiny black shoes – reminiscent of none other than the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson. Then they gruellingly lift their legs into place and face the curtain with their backs to the crowd.

That’s when they pull out sequined shiny black hats and matching silver gloves – and the crowd goes wild! Then the music builds up and they begin to throw their gloved hands into the air, shake their hips and grab their rear ends and “family jewels!” Watch the hilarious elderly trio channel Jackson while lip-syncing his hit song, “Billie Jean.”


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