This Figure Skater’s Racy Routine Left The Crowd Blushing And Women Cheering!

by Melissa CastellanosPublished Mar 2, 2018

When one thinks of figure skating, classical music, formal costumes and discipline typically comes to mind – not Tom Jones tunes, hip-shaking and muscle flexing. Yet you never know who will test the limits with their choreography and have some fun! Such was the case for Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko who is a four-time Olympic medalist, but also a jokester who likes to get the ladies all riled up!

While it’s been 17 years since Plushenko’s racy and nonconventional performance, most figure skating fans will never forget it! The blondie kicked off his routine by shaking his hips and wiggling his bottom to Tom Jones’ “Sex Bomb.” This of course made the women in the crowd stand up and cheer! Then they really went bonkers when the Russian cutie-pie began to shed his clothing. He ditched his red jacket, which revealed a tight gold vest and bulging “muscles.” Then what he does next makes the crowd go even more wild!


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