This Bone Cancer Survivor Is Lighting Up The Internet–One Tap Dance At A Time

by Chanel Adams Published Jan 12, 2018

Evan Ruggiero, who calls himself Lord Pegleg, is a man who moves to his own beat. He doesn’t let his health issues stop him from doing what he loves. At the age of 6, he fell in love with tap dancing. He was diagnosed with bone cancer at the age of 19 that cost his right leg and nearly ended his dreams of becoming a professional tap dancer.

Despite losing a leg, he kept his dream alive. He battled cancer one step at a time as he practiced dancing. Less than a week after his last chemotherapy session, Evan returned to the dance studio so he could learn how to dance with a prosthetic leg. Now his unique way of dancing is going viral on the internet.

He’s inspiring the world with his amazing story of hope and perseverance. Evan’s story proves that nothing should get in the way of your dreams. This beautiful story is part of the Human Condition series on the Great Big Story. This YouTube account shared extraordinary and inspiring stories about unique people from around the world.

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