This Ballerina Doesn’t Let Her Height Stand In Her Way, Helps Others To Pursue Their Dreams As Well.

by Superstar MagazinePublished Oct 12, 2017

In the world of a ballerina, your height can make or break your career. Ballerinas are typically known to be between 5′ 3 inches and 5′ 8 inches in height. It can be tough for ballerinas who fall below or above this height range to have the opportunity to dance for prestigious ballet companies.

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However, one-woman Sarah Michelle Murawski refused to let her height stand in the way of her passion to ballet. At nearly 6 feet tall Sarah towers over most of the other ballerinas, to include the men. In the past, she has faced her fair share of discrimination because of her height, and now rather than watch her dreams slip away she has decided to fight back against the height stigma that can cripple a ballerinas career.

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Sarah has decided to take her experience in the ballet world and help others who may face discrimination as well. We applaud Sarah for pursuing her dream and never giving up, and now, in turn, helping others to see their dreams through as well.



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