Steve Harvey Has Met His Match – And He’s A Witty 4-Year-Old Comical Genius!

by Melissa CastellanosPublished Feb 10, 2018

Talk show host Steve Harvey had a young guest on his show, but his knowledge and humor was as profound as ever! While the guest, Tommy Johnson, was just 4 years old, he gave Harvey a run for his money! Plus he had some “dirt” on almost every U.S. president!

Harvey was left in stitches when the mini-genius appeared on his show. Tommy is a witty, super smart little genius from North Carolina. Not only can he can identify all 45 of our presidents by their photos, he knows all of the fascinating biographical facts about them.

When Harvey holds up a series of photographs of U.S. presidents, Johnson immediately identifies them. Then when Harvey holds up a photo of Barack Obama, little Tommy stunned the crowd with a little known fact – that Obama has won a Grammy award! (He has for two “Best Spoken Word” albums in case you didn’t know!) “Hey, take them looks off your face. I got a four-year-old’s blowing y’alls mind,” Harvey said. Then the little presidential genius added: “Yeah you do!”


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