Robert Downey Jr. Joins Sting For A Duet. Ends Up Stealing The Stage From The Rock Legend!

Music by Lucille Barilla on September 12, 2017

Actor Robert Downey Jr. has earned his rightful title as a movie star. Despite a series of career setbacks in the 1990s, he has emerged as one of the most recognizable movie stars in modern history, but did you know he is a rock and roller at heart as well?

As a participant at rock and roll legend Sting’s 60th birthday held at New York’s Beacon Theatre in 2011, Downey joined the former Police frontman on stage for a rendition of “Driven to Tears” and brought the crowd to its feet as he stole the show from the birthday boy!

The audience was blown away by the actor’s fierce vocal prowess, reducing the birthday boy to a mere sideman as Downey owned the microphone. This show-stopping performance was thankfully captured on camera for posterity and stands as a testament to the fact that no one is too old to rock.

Source: YouTube
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