Remembering Kirk Douglas: I’m Spartacus

Remembering Kirk Douglas: I’m Spartacus
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Hollywood legend, Kirk Douglas, a movie icon for over six decades, has passed away at age 103. He received critical acclaim for his role in the 1960 classic, Spartacus and in memory of the handsome actor, we are sharing this scene from the movie that every film buff should know.

The epic movie was about a slave rebellion in the pre-Christian Roman empire and in this scene, Roman officials announce to a gathering of slaves their lives will be spared if they identify their leader, Spartacus. Douglas rises to surrender himself to save everyone else, but the group of slaves stand up and shout, ā€œIā€™m Spartacus!ā€

He’s willing to die for all of them. Then he discovers that every one of them is willing to die for him. Douglas stands silently with a tear rolling down his face as he witnesses the magnificent display of solidarity. Douglas was truly an icon who will be remembered for generations to come, rest in peace legend.