Nervous Flower Girl Scans The Room For Her Daddy, Watch Her Adorable Reaction!

by Chanel AdamsPublished Dec 6, 2017

This one-year-old flower girl was the center of attention this wedding from earlier this year. She nervously walked down the aisle in her puffy dress as she looked around the church for a familiar face. Like most of us, she didn’t feel comfortable being in a room full of strangers. Everyone looked at her as she walked down the aisle to the altar.

Once she reached that point, she stopped. She timidly looked at the camera as a family member filmed this adorable moment. But, it was this very moment that captivated everyone’s hearts. She saw her daddy holding out his arms to her and she immediately felt better. It was like a wave of comfort washed over her.

Her eyes lit up when she saw her daddy and everyone in the church smiled and laughed. This tender moment has since been shared on YouTube. The wedding was a success for the bride and groom, but it was this adorable little flower girl who stole the show. People couldn’t stop taking photos of her and it’s easy to see why.


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