NASA’s Hypnotic Footage Shows The Silent Beauty Of Our Planet Set To “Sound Of Silence”

by Chanel AdamsPublished Dec 6, 2017

We often go about our daily lives, not appreciating the beauty of this planet. Thanks to a few of NASA’s astronauts, they decided to share this miraculous beauty with the rest of us. This video will make you appreciate planet earth a little more. Three astronauts took this never-before-seen footage of our beautiful planet.

Russian astronaut Sergei Ryazanski, Italian astronaut Paolo Nespoli, and American astronaut Randy Bresnik saw these breathtaking images while on the International Space Station, they decided to share them with the rest of us. They didn’t want just want to share the raw footage on social media. That would be boring.

They took the images and synced them up with the song “Sound of Silence” by the band Disturbed. The video starts with a sunrise and shows these raw and rare images of planet earth that we don’t get to see every day like these astronauts do. This video will make you feel a little more grateful for waking up every day.



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