Meet The Voice Of Baceprot, The All-Girl Band Taking Metal Music Mainstream In Indonesia

Music by Lucille Barilla on August 11, 2017

The band Voice of Baceprot is breaking music rules for several reasons. The group, which hails from Indonesia, is made up of only teenaged female members and also, wears the hijab, the head scarf traditionally worn by Muslim women, while they are playing their music onstage and in their video.

The group consists of the following members; vocalist and guitarist Firdda Kurnia, drummer Eusi Siti Aisyah and bassist Widi Rahmawati. All three girls have stated they found their personal power through listening to and playing metal music. The girls were introduced to the hardcore genre by their middle school teacher.

The band’s name, which means “noisy” in Sundanese, find inspiration from bands like Slipknot, Lamb of God and Rage Against The Machine. “They say my music is forbidden by my religion,” said Kurnia. “I’m a different musician because I’m a woman. I play metal, but I’m wearing hijab,” she says.

Source: YouTube

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