Listen To Elvis Presley’s Loose ‘When It Rains It Pours’ Outtakes

Entertainment by Lucille Barilla on July 14, 2017

A series of outtakes from the late Elvis Presley are featured on a box set of recordings from the rock and roll legend titled “Elvis Presley – A Boy from Tupelo: The Complete 1953–1955 Recordings.” One song in particular titled “When it Rains it Pours” showcases Elvis’ husky signature vocals.

The recordings were produced in 1955 during Elvis’ final sessions at Sun Recording Studios. Sun Studios is significant in Elvis lore as that is where the singer began his career as a singer. He reportedly entered the studio to make a record for his mother, Gladys Presley, as a present.

“When it Rains” features vocals from producer Sam Phillips who released Presley from his contract before the song was recorded. According to Rolling Stone, “Elvis Presley – A Boy from Tupelo: The Complete 1953-1955 Recordings” is the most comprehensive collection of early Presley material. The album will be released July 28th.

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