Kelly Clarkson’s Iconic Performance On ‘American Idol’ Brought Keith Urban To Tears

by Chanel AdamsPublished Nov 14, 2017

Kelly Clarkson returned to the American Idol stage last year where she proved why she won in the first place. The first-ever singer returned to the very show that forever changed her life. Kelly returned for American Idol’s final season, singing one of her deeply personal songs while pregnant. Her performance was so emotional that even one of the judges cried.

Kelly Clarkson looked like a goddess when she returned to the stage. She wore a dark evening gown that featured cut-outs and beading on the shoulders. She sang her song “Piece By Piece,” which she co-wrote with Greg Kurstin. Clarkson’s song was written from personal experience, which is why it made it emotional for her to return to the American Idol stage.

Everyone could hear the emotion in Clarkson’s voice. Even the judges were overcome with emotion. The entire audience fell silent as Clarkson sang the lyrics. Clarkson not only impressed the judges, but she won over the audience as well. Keith Urban had trouble holding back tears. Clarkson’s fans think this is one of her best performances.


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