If This Christmas Ad Doesn’t Hit You Right In The Feels, You’ve No Soul

by Chanel AdamsPublished Nov 14, 2017

German supermarket chain Penny took on a different approach for its 2017 Christmas ad. They wanted to shine a light on people who are alone during the cheerful time. The video starts with a mom recalling a huge fight she had with her pregnant daughter, who she’s no longer on speaking terms with.

She’s still determined to reach out to her, so she goes on a long and difficult journey to find her. After she falls through the ice and has a scary encounter with a wolf, she finally reaches her little girl. When she rings the doorbell of her daughter’s house, the two find each other in a warm embrace.

The camera pans to show the mother’s house was only a few yards away from her daughter’s house next door. While that trek wasn’t so arduous, years have clearly passed since their heated argument. Then, the following message flashes at the end: “However long the path might seem: It’s Christmas. Time to reconcile.”


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