Flashback: Eric Clapton Releases Classic Love Song ‘Layla’ 47 Years Ago

Music by Lucille Barilla on September 12, 2017

Eric Clapton changed the way music lovers listened to rock and roll songs with the debut of his classic ode of unrequited love, “Layla.” Written by Clapton for Pattie Boyd, then the wife of his best friend, Beatle George Harrison, it has since become a guitar-driven rock, blues music standard.

Clapton was a member of Derek and the Dominos during the period of time he penned “Layla” and worked alongside the late Duane Allman of The Allman Brothers to come up with the iconic slide guitar riff that would become synonymous with the tune originally written to be a ballad.

The tune possesses six guitar tracks, five which include Clapton and one with Allman. With Allman’s touch, the ballad turned into a heavy rock classic with a southern twist. The tune turned Clapton into a Guitar God and set the bar higher than ever for other musicians to keep up.

Source: YouTube
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