Dad and His Three Sons Perform ‘Father and Son’ by Cat Stevens and the Judges Can’t Hold Back the Tears!

Music by Melissa Castellanos on May 18, 2017

What on earth would make the grumpy, “Got Talent” judge Simon Cowell cry? Why a father, his three sons, a touching home video montage and Cat Stevens of course! During an episode of “Britain’s Got Talent,” The Neales, a group made up of a father and his three sons, absolutely moved the judges and brought them to tears with their heartfelt rendition of “Father and Son” by Cat Stevens.

During a previous audition, The Neales revealed the inspiration behind forming their family band. Ten years ago, dad Laurie suffered from a heart attack, so they all decided to focus on making music together and live life to the fullest. Watch Cowell get teary, a sight none of us have ever seen!

Source: YouTube
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