Crowd Erupts When Dancers Emerge From Sea Of Fluffy Feathers For Burlesque-ish Routine!

by Melissa CastellanosPublished Mar 2, 2018

The Australian drill and dance team championships got a bit fluffy when a group of dancers channeling their inner-burlesque dancer emerged from behind their giant, white feathers and delivered a sassy, flirty and fun dance routine to the crowd.

Dancing to Christina Aguilera’s burlesque-ish song, the dance team wowed when they brought their feathery props to life. Donning short white-blonde bobbed wigs and dressed in sequined flapper-era style dresses, these young ladies looked like they came out of the 1920’s!

Using creative twists and turns the dancers use their feather props behind their backs to appear like white peacocks flapping their feathers! The feather props are a genius idea to add some feathery flair into the choreography. Check out the fun visuals they create and listen to how the crowd goes wild when these talented dancers “take flight” – reaching new levels of showbiz that is!


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