Carrie Fisher’s Dog, Gary, Watches Mom In The New Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

by Superstar MagazinePublished Oct 12, 2017

Some dogs only want a bone. Others really enjoy chasing squirrels. A few, like mine, like to eat their own poop. (Eww, right??) Apparently, there are some dogs out there that enjoy watching TV now and then. Amazing, I know. But there’s proof: a photo. And photos don’t lie.

This dog’s name is Gary. Hello, Gary! But Gary’s not an ordinary dog. Gary is the dog of the late, and very famous, Carrie Fisher. Yes, the one in a few hit films, with Ewoks and Storm Troopers and such. You know, PRINCESS LEIA. That Carrie Fisher. She’s since passed, but her dog, Gary, remembers her.

You can see for yourself in this picture of him watching her in a trailer for the next Star Wars movie, “The Last Jedi.” In the film, she’s none other than General Leia, and I’m sure her pal Gary has many fond memories of their years spent together.

Written By Susanna Johnson


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